Friday, 11 January 2013

Cross pollination

Hopefully a blog title that has grabbed your attention - but why and what does it mean you may be asking?

As some of you know I write, and I bake.

This evening I used my writing to promote my baking. Not by blogging or facebooking however. Much more scarily (!) I wrote a poem about my Valentine's Day cupcakes and recited it at the Coco Cafe Dial Up. In other words the open mic night where lots of very talented people write and sing and perform...

If you weren't there - and to be honest many of you were not - here is the poem for your enjoyment. You do need to imagine me standing there with my specs on shaking with nerves but somewhat emboldened by a very large glass (okay - two!) of red wine!

I will also post this on and look forward to introducing some of you to each other!

Linda x

A poem about how to tell someone you love them....

I wanted to tell him I fancied his face

But struggled to think of the time and the place.

To be honest I thought that a kiss would be good

Or even a snog; I so definitely would.

I'm not going so far as to say I'd propose

One husband is all I'm allowed I suppose.

I'm joking of course - there's no mystery man

Keep listening and I will explain if I can.

My mum is the best - she's always been

The one that I turn to if people are mean.

Best friends are forever - I'm glad I have mine

When I need a good moan - and a bottle of wine.

And aren't there times when we all need to find

A present for someone who's been rather kind?

A nice box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers,

Haven't we all been there searching for hours?

By now you may realise that all this commotion

Is simply some shameless and poor self promotion.

If you have a message, something to say

To someone you love on this Valentine's Day...

...then do it this time with a most special cake

Better than Mary, or Paul, or Nigella, or Delia, or Jamie can make...

It will come Filled With Love and ensure that you say

What needs to be said in the best possible way!