Monday, 28 November 2016

Living the Dream

How many people visit a coffee shop, see the cakes on display, and say to themselves and others that this would be their dream?

Making tea or coffee, baking, and keeping the place shipshape are tasks that many people would love to do. So why oh why is it just so difficult to own a coffee shop and keep it afloat in these difficult financial waters?

This isn't a post I'd have written six months ago. At that time the shiny shop window you may have seen on Facebook was to be preserved at all costs.

Recently however I've been persuaded to return to writing. Alongside baking of course - but as a way of expression my frustration at the reality of trying to make a small business work in today's economy.

This post first appeared on,uk where you can read more, and also find ways of supporting local business. I'd love your comments and feedback please!

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