Saturday, 29 January 2011

Never rains but....

... it pours....

My mum used to say that, and it kind of sums up where we're at this week.

On Monday I am going to see Mr Tucker for the results of the SpecCT scan. My GP seemed to be concerned that the radiographer let slip something about being aware of my pain - I guess it isn't ideal to have been left wondering for a week what it is that they can see...

Next Saturday I have an appointment with a different consultant - Richard Sheridan. If you are curious google him and you will see what he specialises in ;-)

Sometimes it all feels a bit much to cope with. Other times I see what some people have to cope with and I am amazed - how do they do it and stay sane? I guess the saying what doesn't break you make you stronger is true - it has certainly been my experience over the past year or so.

Will keep you posted


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