Sunday, 23 January 2011

One Year On...

Not strictly speaking a whole year - that has to wait for next week, 4th February. But tomorrow I go to see Mr Tucker for my annual check up.

Where has the year gone? Well for much of it I was asleep I guess. Or in pain. Or, more recently, in the shower...

Since September I have mostly been at work as in spite of being on a rehab programme I was pretty soon catapulted into full time activity - all of it energising, creative and exciting to be a part of but much of it exhausting too.

When I last saw Mr Tucker I was in a great deal of pain and he suggested steroid injections might help. They had very little effect but since New Year I've been taking amitryptiline again and after three weeks or so I think it is again starting to take effect. I don't enjoy the side effects - dry mouth, fluid retention, itching and yet again my hair falling out. But what is worse?

Apparently they also potentiate the other drugs I take - mostly paracetamol but sometimes ibuprofen - and I have noticed I am taking fewer and watching the clock less.

Perhaps this is as good as it gets. If so then I guess it's not so bad. Clich├ęd as it may sound there are plenty worse off than me. I need to stop looking at those who seem to have made a much quicker and better recovery and remind myself that we're all different and we all have different issues to cope with.

So that's it for now - though some of you may like to take a look at this if you have ever wondered exactly what Platform2 is - or was. I am proud to have been project manager of this amazing programme for the last three years - sit back and enjoy a taster of what we have achieved!

Linda xxx


  1. Hi Linda, I've already wished you luck on fb but good luck again! I know it's been a long old haul for you but from many posts I've read on NSF I've learned we can expect improvements up to two years post-op so things might continue to get better for you for a whole year yet. Sending you lots of positive and healing vibes :-)
    Lynn xx

  2. Hi Linda.
    I agree with Lynn-my consultant said this is a very long recovery with many ups and downs and im sure another year will make all the difference.Im sure not everyone is totally honest about their recovery.I have many bad days as well as good.
    Take care and remember to take time for yourself-like my consultant said this is one of the biggest ops a person can go through so be kind to yourself as well as others :-)
    Sarah x