Thursday, 14 June 2012


So much to write that I haven't got round to writing anything for ages.

Where then to begin?

As I write listening to the news - and comments about unemployment, benefits, yada yada yada....

...except instead of ...yada yada yada I now hear these items with fresh ears as they relate to me.

This morning at the Jobcentre, fighting my prejudices as I observe so many people queuing to sign on, the majority of them hugely overweight. Wondering how they can afford to eat so much, or is it truly that cheap food is high calorie? Still struggling with this one as unemployment has cost me at least half a stone!

Thinking positively, that perhaps the (re)discovery of my creative side is a real blessing in the midst of the sadness and angst that was the loss of my job. I did O Level Art but since then life has been all about work, management, systems, processes, admin and getting things done. Making something of beauty is a challenge I love, enjoy, and willingly rise to!

Wondering how it is possible that being "unemployed" can be so exhausting. Needing to get to bed before 1am for once. Recognising the significance of social media, managing marketing, website, all the other stuff that makes up running a business and wondering - again - how you make the jump from un- to self- employed.

Meanwhile - some cakes I made today


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  2. Thank you! Lots more at

  3. linda johnstone20 June 2012 at 23:34

    lol your site just landed on my search whrn i was bored & screamed Aaaaaargh while typing!!! Yhe cupcakes look amazing, good luck with the employment search

  4. Hi Linda - how funny! Thank you for commenting and if you ever need/fancy a cupcake you know where to come....! x