Sunday, 1 July 2012

Three Weeks?!

Three weeks with no blog entry - hot on the heels of a blog post announcing my intention to blog daily as part of a commitment to the whole "I am a writer" thing. Should I be hanging my head in shame and failure?

Happily not.

Some readers may recall the whole "Write Bake Create" project born out of my redundancy and birthed on Facebook

Working as a Project Manager on the Southbank, struggling with the Met and Jubilee Lines on a daily basis but loving London Life I could never have imagined the about turn that my "career" has taken. I use inverted commas as I'm still not quite sure that is the right word to use. Sure I've stopped using the term unemployed, replacing it with "self employed" but is this really "a job"?

One of the main reasons I've not been writing on here is I have been so busy writing. It took a while to get into news writing - being so different from creative writing, blogging, poetry and everything else I was well used to. I love the immediacy - find the story, get the quotes, write it up, publish. See your byline, enjoy the compliments, take the criticism on the chin and move on - another day another story....

When not writing I am baking. Hundreds and hundreds of cupcakes. I look back six months and see how far I've come and have to smile....

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