Thursday, 1 March 2012

Everything changes...

Anyone else noted how I love to title my blog with a lyric or three from Take That? Not always a conscious decision if I am honest, maybe their lyrics have an uncanny knack of capturing the zeitgeist, perhaps they are drilled into my subconscious, maybe it's nothing more than chance that means my blog posts begin with words from the greatest band in the history of the world (discuss...)

Meanwhile, to change. Apologies for lack of posts recently - have been totally taken up with job applications. Completing forms, attending interviews, coping with rejection, feedback, disappointment. It's been hideous and I am not yet ready to blog the detail, I need to find a way of expressing the learning and understanding of how it is to feel hurt and rejected without sounding negative, critical, harsh or unreasonable.

What I would like to place on record is the sense of freedom and liberation there is to be found if you can move beyond the disappointment, rejection, hurt and anger. I'm not saying that all is well - put it this way I am still thanking God for waterproof mascara. But I am beginning to see the openings and possibilities, one of which was the agreement today that I will write for our local news magazine on a monthly basis. This possibly and perhaps makes me almost a journalist - woo hoo ;-)

Money - lack of it - is clearly going to be an object. Massively. I've yet to see how we'll manage with that one but know many who do. Increasingly "Less is More" is the refrain in my brain and I'm excited to see how this works out in practice.

I'm planning to blog more and would value your comments and feedback, feels like there is a lot to learn and looking forward to it.... x


  1. You know I picked up a boys mag - Esquire - at the GP earlier this week and read an article on Gary Barlow and was really struck by it. I had no idea he had been through so many dark years. But he had his beautiful family and was enjoying them throughout, and now he is back on top (I have no TV but I'm reliably informed).

    I would have suggested you seek the article out but seems you may already be very well read on Mr Barlow and the rest of the TT crew.

    All I can say is, his story and yours seem to resonate, you'll be back on top and shining and being appreciated for your talents again in good time. Sorry for all the troubles meanwhile, all the same x

    ps Gary was always my favourite.

  2. And purely to bring pleasure and make you smile(because d@mn the man is looking sharp!) from the spread:

  3. Thanks for great comments - and pics! Looking very sharp indeed ;-)

  4. Hi Linda, nice to see you posting again :-) Sadly I do understand what you are going through, my career (academic science) came to a rather unexpected end and unfortunately there's no way back in for me so money problems for us just get more and more difficult. I do have a full time 'job' though.....I'm home-educating our little boy who is five and a half now. I do have a hard time though feeling like I have lost my sense of self - science was all I ever wanted to do and now I can't. What I have now is different and has no monetary reward but I am just as passionate about it as I was (and still am) about I consider myself very lucky. Linda I am sure you will find your special niche you just have to be patient and it will come along xxx p.s. I'm a George Clooney girl myself ;-)

  5. Thanks Lynn - sorry we'd lost touch recently but good to hear from you. Had no idea about your job and that must be really hard for you, but does sound as though you've your hands full with the home educating. Thanks for your encouragement, keep in touch (and btw always liked Mr Clooney too ;-) )