Friday, 23 March 2012

Bit of a boast

The Perfect Cupcake

Not so much a blog post today - more a blog boast ;-)

I wouldn't dream of saying so myself, but who am I to doubt Dave's comment last night that these cupcakes are perfect? That not only is the icing good (top priority till you reach a certain age surely?) but the actual cake is moist and flavoursome?

High praise indeed and felt worthy of it's own little post and pic. Taking a batch into the office later today so let's see what my wonderful colleagues have to say!

Workwise - just a week to go now. So much lined up in the next few months that even if a job were to appear through the clouds and land in my lap I suspect September would be the earliest I could start. Looking forward to volunteering at Spring Harvest (yes - Butlins here I come!) for Christian Aid the week before Easter. Then at the Olympics, and later in the summer at Greenbelt. Taking on a regional rep role with SAUK, perhaps some office/project work with them too. Writing for the local MyNews magazine and, of course, baking! More about that later - for now off to the office with that batch of chocolate chip and orange perfection ;-)

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  1. They do indeed look scrummy!! Chocolate are my favourite cakes too. It’s a shame you are so far away, however, it really is a small world as I was only talking to some lovely ladies yesterday who are going to the Spring Harvest. You definitely get about a bit Linda (in the nicest possible way!) K xx