Saturday, 9 November 2013

The floodgates are open

Not literally of course - though there was a slight mishap whilst cleaning the bathroom.

What I am trying to say of course is having once blogged this morning, all those potential posts are now whizzing not only round my brain but down the back of my throat and across my tongue - itching to get out. But with no one to talk to save the Emergency Cat featured in the last post they have instead found their way to my fingertips and the keyboard.

Big Girls Don't Cry aka The agonies of the job centre 
How I really feel about David Cameron
Losing my religion - sorry - hobby - distracted by an eighties anthem there
Minimum, living, luxury - talking wages there
What you actually do when you don't work - one for DC there methinks
Talking to the cat

That will do for now - these are just ideas that popped into my head whilst clearing up the puddle on the bathroom floor. For now I will focus on the very first with a brief resume of how I came to find myself unemployed/self-employed. (I would say delete as applicable but that seems to vary on a daily basis so perhaps best to leave them both there for now)

Since starting my cake business (time for a quick shameless plug?! I have been inundated with endless messages of support from people congratulating me on following my dream, being brave enough to jack in the day job, or simply asking me why I quit the comfort of full time (well)paid employment.

Sadly I am neither brave nor following my dream. My contract came to an end; there was a big restructure; there was not a job for me. I haven't written much about it - and whilst cleaning up that puddle just now I was wondering why. After all I am usually one to let it all out in a post or three.

It came to me quite clearly and suddenly - I didn't want to say how I felt as I didn't want to upset anyone. At the time that felt really important. With the benefit of hindsight I have no idea why it stopped me doing what would probably have helped me process the experience.

After all those close to me already had a pretty good idea - the tears were a bit of a giveaway. And even if something you say does upset people is that a bad thing? If it is then someone needs to speak to the news channels as reports from the Philippines as I write this are upsetting me. (As do stories from Syria, tales of child abuse, murder and rape, and  pretty much everything else the bulletins are crammed with that doesn't feature David Beckham).

In fact when you consider all that's going on in the world my little redundancy is actually a very minor thing to be upset about. Big to me in my little world maybe, but a very small thing in everyone else's. If for some reason anything I say in subsequent posts does upset you (beware if you are a lover of David Cameron - I may just be harsh) may I now once and for all apologise profusely in advance and urge you not to cry/to buy a box of tissues/ get over it as I have.

Having got all of that out of the way this post is now way too long and will be resumed later on. One thing I love about blogging is the lack of word count. Yes I know the ideal length but being my own boss gives me permission to break the rules so if you have read this far thank you for sticking with me and see you again soon.

Ah - the obligatory photo


  1. I'm still following your blog Linda, I think perhaps my thoughts and feelings are going to be very much along the same line as yours (scoliosis, redundancy, wages, David Cameron)! Lx

    1. Great to hear from you Lynn - and look forward to your comments on my rant to DC! Hope you are doing okay? x