Saturday, 6 November 2010

9 months

Think for a moment about all that you can do in nine months...

Okay now, how many of you said "Grow a baby" ? Gotcha!

You can also live through the tail end of winter, the promise of spring, a somewhat disappointing summer, and somehow find yourself in autumn with the stores full of festive cheer. Almost a year gone, where and how?

It's three months since I blogged on here. I still keep a diary - somewhat erratically it must be said. So I do have a record of all that has gone on since my last post back in August. It doesn't make for the most cheerful reading so I'm saving it for a rainy day when there's nothing on TV and I feel like making myself miserable. I plan to sit down with a glass of wine and a box of tissues, and in one sitting read through everything on here and elsewhere. The hope is that this will bring a realisation of how far we've come, along with a new hope and optimism for the future. So perhaps be a good idea to do that sooner rather than later ;-)

The latest news in the proverbial nutshell is that I am going back into the Wellington on Monday for some intercostal nerve blocks. These are injections of steroids and/or anti-inflammatory drugs into the nerves in my spine. The aim is to stop these nerves from firing off pain signals the way that they do 24/7. In particular if I am startled, jostled, rattled, or bumped. Think commuting into London on the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines and you get some idea of what a challenge this can be. Still not driving as I could never do an emergency stop, firework night was to be avoided at all costs as big bangs are notoriously painful (a balloon bursting at a Halloween party reduced me to tears), and the busy-ness that is our wonderful capital city is a scary nightmare at times.

The jags should reduce the pain for a couple of weeks, with the hope that longer term having had a "rest" the nerve endings may be less sensitive in the future. Mr Tucker was very matter of fact about this procedure and has kindly agreed to carry it out himself, under sedation, on Monday evening. Hey - I'd only have been watching Corrie after all!

This is uppermost in my mind at the moment so little else to blog about. Other than I am of course back at work- part time - and finding that to be both a blessing and a challenge. More next time maybe!

I hope that this finds you all well and look forward to your comments, here and elsewhere. If I have not been in touch recently then I do apologise - but this is why.

Linda xxx

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