Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Perfect Christmas

I've entered the Sainsbury's competition to win the Perfect Christmas - have you seen the TV ads? Snow? Carol singers? Tree? Fireworks and lots of food and drink - woo hoo!

We're in the finalists zone which is very exciting - and it has been a very welcome distraction these past few days.

The pain continues, relentless as ever. Really about resigning myself now to this may be as good as it gets. Not made any better by knowledge my post is being put at risk of redundancy tomorrow.

But hey - let's remember the Gratitude Book :-)
  • I had a nice glass of wine and long chat with a good friend this evening.
  • The tube was on time tonight and I got home in an hour!
  • It's freezing outside but we can still afford to heat the house!
  • The Vicar of Dibley is on TV and making me smile :-)
  • I have a warm bed to sleep in tonight with a memory foam topper...
It's not that hard really, we do have a lot to be thankful for.

Sleep well



  1. Linda, I'm glad you have started blogging again. I like the idea of the Gratitude Book! Maybe I should start one too? Very interestingly, I googled costoplasties the other day, and I read on an internet site that the additional procedure only adds on about an hour to the operation and that patients don't usually notice any increased discomfort from this when having it done at the same time as a spinal fusion? There seems to be a lot of variation in thought regarding this one. Luv Kaz xx

  2. Lovely to hear from you Kaz - huge apologies for silence, will explain when we speak - hopefully soon.

    The whole costoplasty thing is so hard to understand - anterior surgery involves the removal of a rib or two so what is the difference? Most costoplasties seem to be done through a posterior incision and I have heard that the anterior thoracotomy is the most difficult thing to recover from - it has certainly been my experience.

    Really looking forward to catching up!

    And will try to blog more regularly ;-)

    Linda xxx