Monday, 8 November 2010

Intercostal Nerve Blocks

By way of an update here is what I have just posted on the Scoliosis Support Site. With apologies to anyone who has read this already...

Home and in bed now. Somewhat delayed by my omelette taking an hour and a half to arrive. (In the end I got out of bed, feeling very faint, went to the nurses station and said if it wasn't coming then I would go home. They said "but you can't go home until you have eaten something")

I have big sticky dressings on my back, clearly have been bleeding a bit so will leave them until they come off naturally I think. The area is very sore but Mr Tucker said it may take 5 - 10 days for the steroids to take effect.

The last thing I remember prior to the injections is joking with the anaesthetist , getting a bit emotional and his assistant holding my hand, then going into theatre and seeing a pile of pillows on the operating table. I said there was no way I could get on there and lie on my tummy, Mr Kofi said "okay then I'll give you a gin and tonic" and I woke up in recovery!

Mr Tucker was as lovely as ever - but told me off when he came to consent me as I was still in my jeans knitting. He was like "get changed - we're ready for you" when clearly he was not unless he operates in a suit these days ;-)

Linda x


  1. Hi Linda
    Really hope these injections work for you. Kofi is lovely isn't he! I didn't get to see Mr Tucker once while I was in hospital, it was Kofi who came to see me a few times and kept me informed of what was happening! xxx

  2. Hi Lynn! Yes - Mr Kofi came to see me every day, I really like him. I haven't noticed much difference to be honest - about to blog about that. How are you feeling?xxx

  3. Oh sorry about that Linda, I hope it's just a matter of time for things to settle down for you.
    I am feeling so much better in myself thank you, I felt truly rotten until I stopped taking the OxyContin last week. I've got a lot of pain today but as well as stepping down with pain meds I think I have been overdoing it - I am trying to increase my walking and I have my little boy (he's 4) at home all day! xxx

  4. You're doing so well Lynn - amazed you are looking after him already - well done! xx

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