Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Notebook

Time to buy a new notebook perhaps.

Bee reading about the idea of keeping a Gratitude book. Yes it sounds cheesy but who am I to complain about a nice ripe Camembert or slice of Stilton?

The idea being, every night you write down five things to be grateful for. Seems this has been proven to help people with ailments from depression and chronic pain to athlete's foot. Well maybe that last bit's a fib but you get my gist?

I told a friend about it over lunch yesterday. Their initial reaction suggested cheese wasn't their favourite thing but as we chatted I think we both concluded what harm can it possibly do? To be a bit thankful, grateful, appreciate things more - smacks of counting your blessings and that has certainly stood the test of time.

I think the idea of a notebook is a good one. You do this last thing at night so you don't want to be logged on and have all that electronic stimulation stopping you from sleeping. I fancy a nice William Morris print notebook to inspire lovely thoughts, and perhaps a fountain pen to help me write neatly - or at least legibly.

Meanwhile - for one night, or rather morning, only. Here's some I thought of earlier.

  • Had to go into work for a meeting, the outcome of which was much better than expected
  • An old friend was around and we had time to grab some lunch on the South Bank - always a treat
  • We managed to find enough money to fly Rachel home (don't ask!)
  • Had one of those nice baths where you get the water temperature just right and could stay in there all night.
  • Slept really well, didn't wake for painkillers once
You get the idea? Still loving the notebook thought but there's something about sharing the gratitude that's kind of nice - what does everyone else think?

Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of things to be thankful for xxxx

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  1. I like the idea of a gratitude book. I made Mark keep one during Lent a few years ago, as he was being relentlessly negative, so he gave up being grumpy for Lent!!! Instead of his more usual moans and groans, we both had to think of 3 thinks that we felt glad about, and we called it our "Glad Book". Yes, it was cheesy, but it did lift our mood each night when we thought about how glad we were that we managed to through the waste paper into the bin accurately 3 times in a row!! How annoying is it when you miss and have to pick it up?!

    And also its great reading years later...