Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bore of the year?

It's quite possible that I may become #boreoftheyear as far as Link4Growth is concerned. Like a zealous religious convert I seem to have been telling all and sundry about the conference last week. I've handed out leaflets, lent people books, and I am proudly drinking my skinny latte from my Link4Growth mug.

I guess I'm a bit of an all or nothing person when it comes to personality traits. If I like something I throw myself into it pretty wholeheartedly (we're talking rock music, baking and in another life playing tennis...)  If I don't then I will try to understand, listen, engage and enjoy but if it doesn't float my boat I can't keep up just for the sake of it. (we're talking cricket here - sorry but that's just how it is...)

Link4Growth have been meeting at The Kitchen for the last year or so. Latterly twice a month. We've been part of several TV shows and interviews and I enjoyed several conversations with people I may not otherwise have met. It felt like something "they" did and "we" hosted. The people seemed very nice but I always seemed to be a bit too busy to sit down and properly engage with them.

Rather than write more - much as I would like to - here I am speaking about what I took away from the conference with respect to this. You will need to fast forward to about twenty minutes in but here I am - warts and all - explaining how I see my role in Link4Growth going forward!


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