Saturday, 9 January 2016

Twice in one day

The previous post was a good opportunity to revisit blogging. Not least to remember the password and how to post - but also to write something in the knowledge that it will be "out there" for all to see.

Factual posts about building The Kitchen and baking cakes don't require the level of thought that this one is going to, so it felt right to start again gently. I'd like to think of this afternoon's offering as the warm up act prior to theactual event, or the starter before a main course to tuck into!

There are so many aspects to the last couple of days that this post is likely to stretch over three or four entries. I'd be really interested to hear comments and feedback. Especially from those who were there too but also from other friends who care about the way the world is, and believe it doesn't have to be this way. Or indeed think that nothing will ever be any different - I'd love to hear from you all!

Facebook friends often post stories with comments such as "what's the world coming to?" Others tell me they no longer read the newspapers or try to understand the news as its always bad and there's no way things can change. But I also have friends in politics and working for NGOs, seeking to make a difference by working within and challenging the systems and structures that govern society. Friends from faith backgrounds may interpret things as signs of the times, evidence of a fallen world or of mankind's sinfulness. Within my sphere of contacts there seems to be an acceptance that things will always be this way and whilst we aspire to change the world do we believe it's possible?

This weekend presented things in a new light. For those of you unfamiliar with the image above, or wondering where I am going with this post I spent Friday at the inaugural Link4Growth conference.

Link4Growth is an organisation I discovered soon after we moved into The Kitchen and my journey with it has been somewhat slow at times. But I'm now excited to begin sharing something of what I've learned, and to be a part of an organisation who believe things can and will change and the power to make that change happen is in our hands. Maybe that's for the next post though!


  1. We are the architects of our future ... Our choice is only ... Do we wish to participate in creating the future we want... If you do? ... Connect with Linda ... :) ... She will show you how xx

    1. Thanks Chris - I can certainly do my best :)