Sunday, 12 April 2020

Christ is Risen

Easter Sunday.
After the darkness of Good Friday and the in-between waiting of Easter Saturday we find ourselves celebrating Easter Sunday. And celebrate we do, even if Easter Egg hunts are on hold or there's a distinct lack of "non essential" chocolate eggs to enjoy.
Church services are also cancelled, though BBC today did broadcast a service that was recorded prior to lockdown. I caught the last five minutes of what looked to have been a church in Somerset with a  Gospel choir, followed by the Pope's address from a deserted Vatican, then the aforementioned pre-recording. The afternoon's viewing included a fabulous production of Jesus Christ Superstar, part of the "The Shows Must Go On" series. So many theatres, producers, bands, films online and available to view for free just now. We only have the most basic TV package but suddenly we have several Sky channels, along with links to decoded movies and a wealth of content on YouTube. All designed to make us #StayHome #ProtectTheNHS #SaveLives
The message of Easter, whether you are a Christian, follow another faith, or are not a believer, is one of hope. A thirty three year old man went about preaching peace, love and kindness. He performed a series of miracles - though to be fair some may say they were not so much supernatural as ways of encouraging humankind to be kinder. He was betrayed by a friend, disliked by the authorities and executed in a hideous fashion. You'd have thought the rest of his friends would have run a mile but look what happened - Christianity became a worldwide religion with a following of billions. Even the way we record the date changed such was the significance of this man's life.
So at this time of year I always figure that miracles can happen, where there is life there is hope and - ultimately - Love Wins.
That may sound something like a sermon, which wasn't the intention. In actual fact I have here a whole list of things that I intended to write about today. Some of them are quite brief and can be covered here, others may need to wait.
TV watching has become very significant. All over social media people are discussing and debating what to watch. As mentioned above there are many extra channels on offer. We've chosen to watch The Split which has been a fascinating insight into the lives and loves at a family law firm.
We also watched the film Yesterday. Imagine a world where The Beatles never existed. Then imagine being the only person in the world who knew all their songs. Sound implausible? Well of course it is but Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle have created a very amusing and almost credible movie out or this idea - well worth a watch.
Can you ever imagine being able to give someone a hug again? As in, not someone who lives in your household, but someone you meet casually - a friend of a friend say. Or shaking hands - could you/would you?
That may be enough for now. More in the morning as it's another Bank Holiday. Did someone say Groundhog Day?

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