Sunday, 5 April 2020

Stress and Days and Time and What do we do all day...?

How can it be two - or is it even three - days since I posted on here? The days are flying past in a whirlwind of (in)activity and I'm desperate to document them somehow so that in years to come when I look back I will also have something to read and reflect upon.
As the days go by so many subjects to write about flit in and out of my mind. Great titles for a blog post come and go before I can capture them and transfer them onto this virtual paper. I worry perhaps too much about finding the time to sit down and write the perfect post, when actually the aim of this is to say what we did in these dark days.

But of course not every day is literally dark, as I write this now the sun is shining and we have a beautiful garden where later  on we will sit with a good book and perhaps a long drink. In any other circumstances this extended and enforced period of relative inactivity might be considered a blessing. Indeed, some have said to me that I must enjoy the rest and use it to recharge my batteries. These sentiments are very well meant of course but it's practically impossible for me to do so when the news is so very sad and impacting those known to us personally.

Some of the practical things we have been doing have now become a regular part of a daily routine that we could never have imagined even two months ago. Back in those halcyon days the joke was very much about how alcohol killed the virus so a glass at the end of the day was the way to stay healthy. (The reality now of course is we're being warned against too much alcohol as it may lower our immune system's ability to fight back...)

When our grandchildren and great grandchildren read about these days they will perhaps wonder at the sense of family togetherness engendered by playing Popmaster together at 10.30am every weekday. Prior to this of course Richie Anderson gives the domestic traffic update, since the roads are empty and there are no real traffic reports to give.

Other opportunities for online interaction are coming thick and fast. The truly wonderful Electric Umbrella charity provide support and entertainment for those who need some extra support. Professional musicians include and encourage them in some amazing musical events and productions, and the weekly meetings are full of fun and laughter. The Kitchen is proud to make cakes for this wonderful group when they have birthdays to celebrate, and we have been so warmly welcomed into their family - thank you Tom, Mel and everyone at EU! During these times of isolation EUTV has been broadcasting regularly using Zoom software to include everyone and this week Dan Gillespie Sells, lead singer of The Feeling, was the special guest. To be in the same virtual room as Tom, dan and the members was an absolute joy.

There does seem to have been a certain "levelling" taking on at some "level" too. Premier League footballers have been calling fans for a chat and to see how they are getting on. Radio stations seem to be reading out more texts and messages than usual. As a family we have been texting Dan O'Connell every day and have loved the shout outs. Yesterday we noticed his shout out included how Paul is "still" painting the bedroom in Hemel!

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