Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Past the Peak?

As I write this the daily news conference is being aired on the BBC and social media channels. I have avoided watching them recently, the news seemingly unchanged and the number of deaths so disturbing.

Social distancing does seem to have been taking effect and some of the signs appear to be encouraging. But the big question has to be what next? When the lockdown is lifted will new cases occur? Can we really feel "safe" before a vaccine has been discovered and rolled out?

Aside from this "news" social media continues to be full of another type, perhaps even more worrying. This is the proliferation of "fake news" and the conspiracy theories being circulated.

To be honest I initially found some of this so disturbing that I had to turn away, but found that almost impossible at times. Going onto Twitter to see the latest news from a favourite baker or sports personality it became all too easy to click onto something seemingly of interest, and from there to be sucked down a rabbit hole of questions and answers and links to other sites and David Icke and 5g and there isn't a virus at all and Boris Johnson's illness was faked and all the staff at the Nightingale Hospital had to sign NDAs....

I'm not saying any of these are true, and some of the details there are no doubt fuzzy from late night reading, coloured further by the crazy dreams that so many of us seem to be having just now. What is clear however (to me at any rate!) is that there are people using the current situation to further their own beliefs. I can only think that these people actually believe what they are saying and writing, or why say and write it?

These issues have been causing me a great deal of anxiety so I have done my best to look at good scientific research to refute these theories. I am certain the roll out of the 5G phone network is not responsible for what is happening. I don't believe Bill Gates is behind it all, or that mass compulsory vaccination is a way for "them" to take control of and track us all. (And who are "them" anyway, and why would they even be interested in tracking us?)

There are days, and times in the day, when the anxiety resurfaces. However I consider myself hugely fortunate in that we have here a lovely garden. Even when the overall temperature is not particularly high, or with a chilly breeze blowing, there's a glorious sun trap which you can see in the photo above. In a few months time there will be natural shade here too as the grapevine snakes its way over the frame and bunches of fruit form ready to enjoy come September.

It has crossed my mind that this year it would be wonderful to make some of these grapes into winr and create a lockdown vintage! I have no idea how to do this or if it is possible, or what it may taste like but the idea amuses me as I see the buds breaking out of the branches in the warm spring sunshine.

No Quiz this evening - other than "Quiz" which is keeping the nation entertained at this time. The story of the couple who "cheated" the TV programme "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" - or did they? TV continues to be a huge draw at this time, with many new channels appearing on our basic Freeview box. We are also trying to get to grips with YouTube as on there we can view many West End shows and this Friday the Phantom of the Opera.

So life trundles on. Bread is baked, cupboards are decluttered, books are read and gin is consumed. This will pass. But when?

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