Saturday, 10 September 2011

Catching Butterflies

I'm quite proud of this photo - I took it myself this summer at a beautiful tropical butterfly world in Honfleur, Normandy.

In some ways it has very little to do with what I want to write about. In other ways it sums it up perfectly! As we wandered around in the humid warmth admiring the beauty of the plants and flowers these stunning examples of one of nature's miracles fluttered around us (I know the theory - but exactly how DOES a caterpillar become a butterfly...?!)

With cameras and smartphones we sought to somehow capture their beauty so that others could share in the moment at a later date. The wonders of facebook and twitter, of flickr and online albums (which can even be printed) make it possible for others to see what we saw, to wonder and comment.

But capturing the butterflies - figuratively not physically - was an enormous challenge. They were all around us, fluttering their wings, teasing us by staying still for a moment and allowing us to believe we'd "got them" before moving on - up and away - part of our lives for just a millisecond and now to be forgotten.

And that's exactly how it is with the things I want to write about!

I mentioned this a few days ago, and was oh so aware of it today for some reason. I've had a pretty random weekend and at least a dozen stories must have crossed my mind throughout the day as possible "blog" material. Maybe I need a notebook - I've heard that songwriters have one on hand at all times to jot down ideas and lyrics? In the absence of a notebook I made a quick list on wordpad and it makes me smile to read it back now! hummus, skirts, columns, dry shampoo, one or two I will keep confidential for now to protect those who might be identified by their publication ;-)

So - a question! And I know most of you comment on Facebook and not here but please, if you are going to continue as a part of this journey (and if you do, and I get published, and famous, I will definitely make it worth your while - free books/tickets/drinks...) here is a question...

Would you rather read a blog on hummus? On skirts? On columns? On dry shampoo? Or perhaps on what happens when an M and S wholefood salad isn't properly sealed?

I'll happily respond to suggestions - but by this time tomorrow it is perfectly possible that another thought or ten may be clamouring for attention. Like those beautiful butterflies it's difficult to capture and share them but I certainly plan to do so!


  1. I've always been a big fan of dry shampoo. Until at Greenbelt, when I got my cans mixed up and sprayed my head with spray fix glue. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on it though :-)

  2. Yay! Thanks Jo - you are the first to comment! And your experience may well find its way into my blog post - watch this space ;-) x