Monday, 12 September 2011


Woo hoo and wow!

I had no idea so many of you lovely people were reading my blog - thank you all so much. I am touched and overwhelmed - I didn't know that you could see the page views on Blogger and when I did I was just so surprised - thank you.

If you are reading this please do consider saying hello - I have tweaked every setting that looks as though it might be responsible for making your posting difficult or impossible! And you could consider following too? That would be so kind!

I was saying to someone only today that if anyone were to ask me what I'd like to do when I grow up the answer would be "I'd like to be a writer".

I realise at 52 years old it's rather late in life to be thinking what I want to do when I grow up - but on the other hand it's not just late in life but the first time in my life! Up until now life has pretty much rolled out ahead of me full of opportunities and possibilities but with many of the choices already made. Passed O Levels, studied for A Levels, started work, etc etc etc... but what did I really want to do?

By the time I realised I wanted to be a journalist it was too late - for some reason the cut off age appears to be thirty - don't get me started on why that might be, as clearly those of more mature years have weaker observational skills and less in the way of ability to record what they have seen? Or possibly not...

I can't begin to recall how many books I have started. Reams of paper double spaced with wide margins, now stored in leather look boxes in an upstairs cupboard. Endless documents password protected on computers no longer in use (and passwords long forgotten...). Not to mention the dozen or so half formed in dreams and daydreams, flashing across my consciousness every moment of every day.

The chances of being published were always remote. Purchase the writers yearbook, get an agent, submit manuscripts and be prepared for endless rejection. Sound advice but makes giving up the day job seem like a very poor idea.

And then along came the internet, the blog, and an audience - thank you! Not the tens of thousands necessary for a best seller, not for now the kudos of a pastel cover, with swirly writing and chick lit image. Not for now a signing in Waterstones with burly bouncers and hysterical fans (Hang on - am I confusing fans of chick lit authors with those of boy bands? Do forgive me)

Start small has always been wise advice. This way there is little to lose. A few evenings in front of the laptop with a glass of wine. A few less than complimentary comments maybe. But hey - I still have the day job!

So today's post has turned out to be about very little other than what it is to write - which means that is what I shall so tomorrow!


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  1. I still cannot post without re-registering (it must be me)! You mention chick lit Linda and it reminded me of a certain book which you kindly sent me when I was first recovering from my operation. It was very good light and uplifting reading and it could almost have been you on the inside cover, but for a change of hair colour! You can do this Linda! xx