Sunday, 20 May 2012

I am a Writer

Telling the world you're a writer isn't an easy task.

It doesn't have the same optimistic or life affirming ring to it as "I'm pregnant", or the sense of hope inherent in "We're getting married". Some of those witnessing the announcement may smell a rat of the "feel like dossing around in my dressing gown all day" variety. Others may smile sweetly and make nice murmuring noises, thinking all the time that you've finally accepted you'll never get a full time "proper job" and from henceforth will be scrounging off the hard working taxpayer - themselves included, whilst deluding yourself a best selling novel is just 100,000 words away.

A writer however is not something you become or choose to be. Yes you can study, train, practice and perfect your writing. You can tear up endless sheets of virtual paper in fury and frustration as you seek to improve your craft, make a name for yourself, get a deal, an agent, a hundred hits on your blog... but the one thing you cannot do is decide to become a writer.

Writers are born not made. Birthed not recruited. Writers must write as an outlet for the myriad of words and phrases that assault our brains on a daily basis, that cry out to be scribbled and typed and blogged and expressed and edited and shared and published.

That is why we sit in our dressing gowns bashing out another blog entry, news article, thought provoking piece or poem. That's why maybe we have to accept there simply isn't time to get a "proper" job". Why we believe passionately that our dream - be it a best selling novel, book deal, agent, successful blog - truly is a few thousand words away.

"My name is Linda, and I'm a writer..."


  1. I love it! Well wishes, Raine

  2. Thanks Raine - really enjoyed your post too, lots to identify with! I've just made a quick update to mine and included the missing link - ooops - got a bit carried away there for a moment and forgot to post it! All the very best! Linda