Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Sound Investment

I have to start writing down the ideas I get for posts. I had a really good one just the other day. It made me laugh, would have made you laugh, may have finally made my name in the writing world and allowed me to give up work and spend my time doing what I love. Except that might have meant give up writing and spend my time writing which makes little sense so perhaps the fact that I have completely forgotten whatever the idea was is a blessing in disguise?

This post came to me in a flash of inspiration as I was tidying my knicker drawer. Well, basket if we're going to be picky. I have a lot of clothes - of the under and over variety, and tonight it dawned upon me in a moment of clarity that these, ladies, are what we should be investing in!

Gentlemen, I apologise if at this point you feel in any way excluded - that is not my intention and you are most welcome to continue with us but don't blame me if from here on in you are bored...

I guess I have always been of the clothes are an investment school of thought, but never as seriously as today. I believe in buying the basics and classics and have a wardrobe full of black trousers and blazers, nicely fitted shirts and tops, cashmere cardigans and skinny jeans. Yes I have way too many pairs of shoes in some people's eyes but none of them are going to date, they're made of solid leather and I take good care of them ( my Dune boots have lasted more seasons than my sons have been season ticket holders at the Vic - that's some considerable time!)

I look in my wardrobe on a daily basis and find things to wear, things I want to wear, things I enjoy wearing. I take a certain satisfaction in not being part of the disposable throwaway culture that many are - er - primed to embrace from an ever diminishing age. Equally I won't be sucked into the designer catwalk craziness that insists I follow a certain trend at risk of social exclusion. I wear clothes that suit me, that I feel comfy in, that wash and wear well.

And the point of this self obsessed rambling is...? Had I not invested in all these clothes and shoes while I was working where would I be now? I wouldn't be rushing out to buy all of this and besides if I was the prices would have doubled by now. My clothes and shoes were a sound and solid investment for which I am grateful - forget wine and the stock market, blazers and boots are where it's at.

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