Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Not such a good girl

A huge, enormous, massive thank you to my daughter Sarah for sharing the link to my blog on her facebook page, with an exceptionally nice comment which doubled the hits on here overnight.

Another giant, stupendous thank you to my mum for an immensely generous blog post of her own which complimented me on my creativity when it comes to cupcakes, and tenacity in the face of some trials and tribulations.

In receipt of such compliments it would be easy to allow my head to swell to such a size that the London Ambassador trilby I am soon to be wearing would perch in a ridiculous fashion atop my plum tinted plumage. It might also be tempting for me to believe these nice things to the extent that I forget I have my faults also.

To ensure this is not the case I have decided to consider some of these faults and in a spirit of openness and confession to blog them here...

First up, since losing my job I confess that yes, I have been known to watch daytime television. Shock, horror, gasp I hear from those of you with better judgement and a more evolved sense of what is right. But please let us not bundle all daytime TV together and tar it all with the same sticky brush. We do have standards - well some of us do - and whilst Jeremy Vile may be a part of the government's conspiracy to keep us all in work until we are 75 there are some gems to be had amidst the gross and ghastly offerings. You want examples? 60 minute makeover - now that they are honest about the three and a half weeks (my estimate) or so of preparation that goes on before the team of photogenic painters and decorators move in. I have been known to cry at the stories of well deserving people who return home after lunch with a friend to find their dreary bedroom transformed into a boudoir worthy of Billie Piper...

I have also been known to cry at Dickinson's Real Deal - not only because I wish I could pick up a bargain in Sue Ryder's shop that would sell on ebay at a 1000% profit. But also because there is a particular dealer - male - who wears so much jewellery that I suspect a visit to "we buy any gold.com" would keep him for life and safe him the embarrassment of having to appear on Daytime TV...

When it comes to being bad I have other things to admit to sadly. Whilst I vowed never to give up putting on make up if I lost my job I have sadly succumbed to the temptation not to wear eyeshadow. Mascara is an essential - why scare the postman? But life is suddenly too short to brush taupe coloured powder across my eyelids on a regular basis. Who am I trying to impress with my shadowy sockets anyway - the guy behind the counter at the post office who's become my most regular conversationalist?

Likewise, I have given up on tights. Not that I'm suddenly into stockings and suspenders - nowadays it's more jeans r us. And not the skinny jeans I used to take comfort in. Autograph. M and S. Enough said.

And then...

When it comes to confessions this is the big one. Up there with the seven deadly sins in some people's minds, so prepare yourself reader, you may be shocked.

Apparently I have been known to leave the bathroom in a disgusting state. I know, you cannot believe this. Neither can I as someone who has enjoyed the company of an environmental health inspector on various occasions with my kitchen being registered at the local council offices and all that. However, having left the bathroom after pulling the plug out, and not having returned before a member of my family has entered the room, apparently the remains of a bath bomb were once found adhered to the base of the bath. Be warned ladies - and gentlemen - who are lovers of Lush. This is a grievous sin up there with the final confession of the night...

... Not eating "properly".

Put simply, outside of the office routine mealtimes become somewhat arbitrary. You're hungry? Then eat - and whatever it is you fancy. You're busy, engaged, focussed on something else and 1pm comes around and you don't notice it - so what?! You're thinking of making a business out of cupcakes and have spent a day tasting sponge and buttercream and frankly cannot face a mouthful of anything other than tea and toast. Does it really matter?

Naturally it's important to have a balanced diet. Five a day and all of that. But there is eating to live and living to eat and maybe sometimes when we're so busy living that grabbing a bite to keep us going is all we have time for then it is okay to listen to our bodies - our tummies even - and indulge in a little of what we fancy?

Says she, having just enjoyed a delicately flavoured vanilla cupcake with a spoonful of ice cream :-)

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  1. Linda this post made me laugh out loud. I know exactly what you mean! I have to confess my guilty pleasure being catch-ups of "Come Dine with Me", especially whilst recovering! You will, however, be pleased to hear that I have finally weaned myself from them. Nevertheless, tut, tut Linda you should always take a lunch break - just as long as you don't eat all of your own cupcakes before sending. OK maybe just one! Kaz xx