Friday, 27 March 2020


This evening we were encouraged to #clapforcarers

This was incredibly emotional. I have to admit it was way out of my comfort zone to stand on my doorstep and clap. But when I thought about it, the people in the NHS working for us all on a daily basis are so far out of their comfort zones that this seemed liked the teeniest little social inconvenience, so I was there.

Ever conscious of how easy it is to opt out of these events I consciously messaged those on the WhatsApp group recently set up by my neighbours. I was out there early, ready to clap alone in support of all those known and unknown to me who are putting their lives on the line in this fight.

In the end it was an incredibly emotional event. Children banged their saucepans with wooden spoons, we all clapped and I tried to make a little video.

It's weird, isn't it...

There are those of us on the absolute front line who deserve all our appreciation

There are those of us who may lose our livelihoods because of all that is happening

There are those of us confused as to what we "should" be doing

And there are those of us who feel almost guilty that whilst others are on that front line fighting the virus we are doing the "right thing" by staying home. Which for some mean horrible self isolation in a tower block, but for others may mean relaxing in the garden, enjoying something that could almost feel a little bit like a holiday.

I'm trying so hard to make sense of it all and can only draw comparisons with historical events. For example, during World War One had we seen images of those in the trenches our hearts would have been in our mouths. During World War Two the images that lightened our hearts were those of people gathering together. Perhaps this is the hardest issue of all. How do those of us staying home - to protect those around us - cope with the feeling that we should be doing so much more?

Time to sleep ...more tomorrow for sure!

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