Friday, 20 March 2020

Looking for the rainbows

Someone whose writing I love just emailed me. "Keep a diary" he said! I haven't replied yet but when I do I can't wait to tell him that is exactly what I am doing. Albeit in the form of this rather hastily composed blog which in all honestly hasn't yet reached the heights of literary excellence I aspire to. At the end of these long days its more a case of a bit of a brain dump ready to clear the space for whatever tomorrow may bring.

I just updated The Kitchen's Facebook page with this post 

"Well what a day that was! The overwhelming support has moved us to tears today, thank you everyone.
At times it did all get a bit much for me and I have to thank the wonderful team here for reminding me to breath, for the endless cups of tea (no offence several of them went cold on me) and for their patience when I struggled to respond to every query with the cheery smile that I wanted to but which was somehow stuck behind the fear and apprehension. Sorry everyone - you know how much I love you all.
We have received so many emails and orders, with more people coming in for takeaway cakes than ever before. This means so much as it encourages us to continue, believing you want us to be here when this has all blown over. Thank you and tomorrow I will endeavour to update you with the progress we've made on some of the new initiatives.
If you haven't heard back from us then I apologise. I have done my best but now it is time to sleep before an early start making more cupcakes!
A final shout out to the team who are working tirelessly, above and beyond their hours, sacrificing sleep, putting in unpaid shifts for the love of the community here and - I say it again - making me endless mugs of tea.We will get through this - just keep looking for the rainbows xxx"

That kind of sums it up to be honest! The rainbow initiative is such a lovely one. As children are not in school, and unable to meet their friends at the swing parks etc they may well be going on a lot of walks around the village. This idea is to give them something to look for and count when out and about. Rainbows are appearing in windows all around the world and whatever your faith they are surely a sign of hope in the midst of dark times.

A final but important thought though. It feels a little bit strange in some ways to be working flat out at this time. Especially when so much of that work is dealing with refunds and cancellations. There's a sense that perhaps we shouldn't be doing so as we ought to be self isolating, locked away for four months. There's lots on social media about how to deal with boredom when it's tempting to lounge on the sofa in your pyjamas all day, but we haven't reached that stage yet.

There is so much talk of the keyworkers and I genuinely don't believe for one minute that we are those. My respect and admiration for those on the frontline is boundless. But I do have a deep feeling that what we are endeavouring to do is also important in its own way. The temptation to pull the shutter down and hide is strong at times but we are trying somehow to demonstrate that we are still here for the community. The baby squidges have stopped, the hugs and cuddles will have to wait another day. We can't welcome people to eat at our tables and sit with them to chat and share in their lives.

But we can offer sustenance. Sandwiches and cakes yes, but hopefully more than that. Hopefully a sense that life will return to normal, that there is still cause for celebration, and that we are here for you.

Definitely time to sleep now but thanks to all who continue to read these ramblings. To be continued for many months no doubt.....

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