Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day by Day...

I'm determined to keep up the habit of blogging daily. But some days like today it's hard to know where to start. Or finish.

I'm pleased it's the last late shift Ian has to do for a while, though it's been lovely to have visitors today - apologies to you both for all the tears but I don't think anyone turning up who's been reading this can say they weren't warned. In fact it was brave of you both to come and sorry I wasn't a better hostess or more cheerful company.

Graham accompanied me on a walk to the Co Op as I wanted to get an Easter Egg for Ian who has been with me on every other trip to a shop. I am such a sad geek I googled and AA route-mapped the journey when we got back and found we'd walked 1.2 miles. Phew. Four hours flat on my back with a hot water bottle and four morphine tablets later I was almost human again :-) I wonder what aches tomorrow will bring - especially now I am halving the dihydrocodeine. Boy do I ache this evening...

Was lovely to see Lisa and always fun to show off the scars for the first time. Even if you saw the pics on here they are pretty impressive in the flesh. In fact I wish I could see them myself - I am reliably informed they are healing beautifully so hopefully the bio oil is doing its job. Also good to hear that plans for the Big Lunch are well underway - I hope to be there even if I'm not going to be much help organising it.

Nothing very profound to say today and no picture - sorry. Hopefully Easter with its wonderful reminders of new life and resurrection will lift all our spirits so I hope that you have a Happy and Blessed day.

With love

Linda x

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