Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Post-Birthday World

For those of you unaware of the significance of the title of this post it is a book by Lionel Shriver that happens to be one of my best ever reads. I couldn't resist stealing the title and hope she doesn't mind :-)

Here you can see my splendid birthday cake. Paul made it. He borrowed a Kenwood mixer, bought a piping bag and whisked it up instead of watching the Newcastle match on Monday night.

That is what he told me. Later on he confessed he asked someone who makes very good cakes to make it for him/me. Still a lovely thought and I think he - or perhaps Sarah - were responsible for the chocolate button decoration. Very nice. Thank you. I can forgive the White Lie as you did confess eventually :-)

Birthday was very nice - lots of cards, lots of pressies, messages on Facebook, texts, emails and phone calls - thank you all. I was hopeful that the day's scheduling had worked - had several lovely visitors in the morning and slept from 2 till 6. Really had hoped to be up for a lively evening with the children and perhaps even that glass of wine. Had decided what to wear and even planned to straighten my hair etc...

Sadly was not to be. In spite of the siesta I felt pretty rough still. We did pressies in bed and decided on a takeaway. I did make it downstairs for about half an hour and managed some egg fried rice and a glass of water (don't laugh - it was very nice!) then a cup of tea and slice of the above cake.

After that it was back to bed and remarkably back to sleep! I have no idea how I can sleep so much but people tell me it is my body healing itself in the way it knows best. Nothing to do with boredom then.....

And so - to the pressies! Thank you all so very much. Way too many gifts to mention and it would be completely wrong of me and unfair to single out any particular present as special so I am definitely not going to mention the Boyzone CD as something I was particularly thrilled and delighted to open. Surprised too as it said on the wrapping it was a football! And on the subject of very special presents I shouldn't single out the little Angels that I tell all my problems too and they fly away with them either... so I won't ... oops... :-) Best pressie of all was of course having the children all here but missing Rachel SO much. Skype and Facebook are great but virtual hugs really not quite the same. Hurry home for a proper one soon and we will celebrate Christmas, Easter, and all our birthdays in October!

As most of you know, I am trying hard to cut down on the medication in the hope my tummy problems will improve and I may be a bit less dozy. (It will also please my GP who understandably would prefer to write less scripts for Class A drugs.) The side effect of this is of course more pain so I am going to stop now and snuggle up with my hot water bottle and snooze away a couple of hours till it's time for some paracetomal. (Paracetomal! I thought they were for colds and 'flu - not spinal surgery - how can they possibly be strong enough? I miss my dihydrocodeine :-( )

May blog again later - there has been a request for a post about the Teddy Bear's tea party and I would hate to disappoint my Boss :-)

Thank you all again for messages and if I don't get around to replying then I am so sorry - I am trying to - honestly.

Linda xxx


  1. Hi Linda,

    Glad to hear you managed a piece of cake.

    Perhaps a few extra glasses of wine next year??

    Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah - I'll have a fair bit of catching up to do I reckon! xx