Wednesday, 7 April 2010

System Restore

Sorry no photo - not even a stolen googled one - sorry.

This post is primarily a reminder for me. A marker in the sand. A system restore point if you like.

I am going to try and manage without diazepam. Or at least with half the dose. As most of you know I am pretty much off the dihydrocodeine now. Still need the slow release morphine of course and reckon the Voltarol is also pretty significant. Plus paracetamol of course - though I've reduced the dosage there simply by sleeping later and missing the 6am dose...

But the diazepam is bothering me. Basically it is a sedative, to reduce anxiety. It has muscle relaxant properties so I guess ought to help with the pain too but I think it may be what makes me so sleepy and may contribute to my tearfulness.

I'll give it a day or two and if things worsen I can think again but for now I am looking at the little white tablet in tonight's pill box and thinking "nah...!"

The quicker I can get off all these drugs the quicker I may start to get back to normal in all sorts of ways - so p and pv's requested please - thanks!

Had a chat with my Boss about returning to work today - will speak with my lovely HR advisor on Friday too. Would be lovely to get back to the office - I miss friends, colleagues, and contributing something worthwhile. But feels unlikely I'll be ready in three weeks time which is when my certificate ends (where did that time go?!)

Maybe less drugs, a bit more time awake and re-learning to concentrate, some hydrotherapy and a decent haircut and I'll start to feel like I could take my place back at work.

We'll see - and if/when I doubt that I'll come back to this post and remember it did feel possible tonight.

Oh - gutted Alex missed out on Masterchef - I had started to love that guy :-(

Linda xxx


  1. Glad you had a good meeting with Mark. Hope the meeting with Barbara also goes well. Most of all hope you're up to another visitor on Friday - will be in touch re timing but only if you feel like it. Hx

  2. Was great to see you - and looking much better than a few weeks ago :-)

    The best man won in Dhruve though I reckon ;-)