Monday, 5 April 2010

A Teddy Tale

Dave has for some time been reminding me that there has not been a Teddy's Tale on the blog. I don't like blogging for the sake of it but have to admit I've also had a fair bit of hassle from Scruffy, Boofle, Spotty and Teeny Tiny Bear so even though I've blogged once already this evening I guess it is only fair to give them a voice...

The thing is this. Cuddles and Nigel (in his lovely new jumper) have taken to sleeping in bed with us. In fact they have taken up residence pretty much day and night. I'm not sure how it happened - perhaps one day when the sheets were being changed Scruffy, Boofle, Spotty and Teeny Tiny Bear politely moved out of the way and sat on the dressing table, perhaps Cuddles and Nigel hung on to the side of the bed, ready to climb up and sneak back in when no one was looking. They were under the pillows for a while - we didn't even notice they were there. But then I had a few bad days (you can always look at previous posts for details...) and suddenly it was nice to find them (probably when I was rummaging under the pillow for a tissue...) and have a little cuddle.

This may sound very soft and soppy if you are not a Teddy Bear - or even a soft toy - person. But this is a good point to reiterate - if I haven't already done so - that pretty much every photo I've seen on here or other forums of friends (known and unknown personally) in hospital beds or somewhere recovering from scoliosis also includes a soft toy or Teddy of some kind! Never underestimate the comfort a Teddy Bear can bring when you feel lonely or poorly...

But back to the main point of the story. Cuddles and Nigel have been getting a lot of attention, and not just from me. Keegan likes to sleep cuddled up next to me (she rather likes my hot water bottle...) and will often grasp hold of one of them. Basically the other Teddies have been neglected and probably feeling a little bit jealous.

The thing is though - just because I haven't seen as much of them doesn't mean for one minute that I haven't been thinking about them. I've been wondering - guiltily at times - where they are. And when I saw Scruffy I realised he had definitely had a lot of attention from Keegan - perhaps his little hot water bottle needs filling as he's looking a little the worse for wear :-(

At times it has been the bears in bed with me that I've taken somewhat for granted. In fact when I haven't felt like a cuddle with Keegan I have given them to her instead! And just because I haven't seen the others doesn't mean I've not been thinking about them - I knew that soon enough they'd turn up!

We're all back together now - as you can see from the photo they staged a sit-in on the Netbook until I paid them some more attention. But that wasn't necessary. I knew they were there without them making a fuss or feeling neglected - I just hadn't managed to let them know. But I've been dozy - from the drugs, from the pain, from the emotion of it all, and this has made me rather selfish at times - sorry :-(

So there we are - the Teddies are happily reunited, Newcastle are back in the Premier League, and in just about an hour I will be more than half a century old - plenty to celebrate! I wonder what would happen if I had half a glass of champagne along with all my pills tomorrow?

Time to sleep - if we can - the bed is rather crowded :-)



  1. Happy happy birthday hope its a pain free day for you hunny xxxx

  2. Thanks Simon - can't help smiling that your first comment is on one of my slightly random Teddy Bear posts!

    Wasn't quite pain-free but pain-not-too-bad thanks xxxx