Wednesday, 20 January 2010

4th February

Hello - and where are you all?! I've had messages and texts to say you have read the blog but no comments - I feel quite lonely ;-( Please do say something - if it is only hello!

So here's the thing - Mr Tucker was absolutely honest about what I have to expect and "look forward" to if I do not have surgery. He was also the first doctor to agree with me that I do not have asthma but reduced lung capacity/function...

He recommends surgery. He will be delighted to do it. He may reduce the severity of the pain. And my back will look "fantastic". It will be massive surgery. It will be incredibly painful. Six weeks doing nothing BUT he hopes to get me back to work in 12 weeks.

And - he's free on 4th Feb so provisionally booked. After the consult I went to M and S and bought three nighties - aren't I well prepared??

I then went to the office to tell my boss, my friends, HR. I then went to the pub and drank two glasses of wine....


  1. so it's go for the 4th, wow that's quick. good call on the nighties then! Tx

  2. Ah Ha! Have found the link to your blog now (i knew that I'd seen it on an email somewhere!) which hospital will you be at as I am wondering if I can include you in a visit while I'm out on my 'rounds'! Beth x

  3. thanks tim - apparently the nighties were a bad call as all about the hospital gowns (read latest post :-( )

    beth - the wellington! i'm a lucky lady i know - molton browne toiletries and apparently the food is lush ;-)