Monday, 25 January 2010

And now for something completely different...

Well now here's the thing - I have got tendonitis!

My foot had been hurting for a few days - last night I couldn't sleep for the pain in my back and my foot (not to mention my head and my heart at the thought of what lies ahead...)

So this morning I figured I would head to A and E to get it checked. Only the glorious Met line was delayed - what's new - and I headed into a round of meetings, calls and emails which left no time for hospital.

Until I found myself in a meeting this afternoon with my boots off, my foot propped on a chair, rubbing it, distracted and wanting to scream with the pain. I headed to St Thomas's Hospital where somewhat worryingly I was immediately seen in the Urgent Case Clinic.

The lovely nurse Maureen - what a fantastic example of the NHS at its best - immediately diagnosed the problem and sympathised with the intense pain. Since coming home I have googled and it does seem that tendonitis is renowned for it's pain - which is a huge relief as I was seriously concerned that my pain threshold was a wee bit too low to cope with what next week holds....

Sooooooh - here I am with my foot bandaged, elevated - and soon to be iced. Since I consume more ibuprofen per day than the average person does in a month they are having little effect! At least I know that the enforced bed rest and morphine will ensure this pain at least is gone by next Thursday!

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