Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Another seminal moment

Well ....

and Welcome ...

Welcome if this is your first visit to my blog. Welcome to my humble abode as they say (who exactly does say that these days...?!)

Welcome back if you have been here before - though to my knowledge only one person ever knew this blog existed! Rather than start a new blog for this "shall I/shan't I?" scoliosis surgery journey I thought it may be best to just revisit this one which I set up a good while back. After all isn't the URL rather cool...?

It feels incredibly different now - knowing that perhaps there are people reading this! Eeeeek! If you dare to delve into the archive who knows what you may find - nothing of any significance I am sure but it still feels like I am exposing myself to the world - no the universe - so please be kind to me if you choose to comment - and I hope that you do.

So - today's blog is basically this: I have told a number of very dear friends about the situation I find myself in. I am overwhelmed with the messages I have received - the sensitivity and the prayers and positive vibes coming my way. Thank you all.

If on Wednesday the consultant says that surgery is not an option as it is too risky and/or dangerous then who knows where we go from here? The good thing to know is that I don't have to face all this alone.

Please forgive me that this blog is rather self centred and with such destruction in Haiti on our TV screens and computers all the time I would totally understand if you thought it actually rather selfish. I do myself.

But I really value your prayers and friendship so if you can bear to journey with me then I am very grateful - thank you.

By the way - I did try to post a pic of my spine - from the mri scan - so that you all know what we are dealing with! No success so for now I will just quote the last consultant "It is awful"

Laters x

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