Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Reasons to be cheerful


I've had a lot of encouragement to think positively, and that is definitely something I aim to do. Don't think about the surgery - think about the recovery, being two inches taller, in less pain, able to breathe more easily (for those of you of a certain age does that phrase remind you of Tunes...?)

The last few days there have been some very positive things indeed to think about and I figured it may be fun to share them so here goes...

Now that the news is "out there" about my forthcoming surgery everyone is being nice to me! The lovely girls in the office took me out to a Thai restaurant and paid for my lunch - thank you ladies! People want to buy me a drink and I may as well make the most of it as the next few months will be a bit of a detox (well - unless you count the drugs...)

My lovely hairdresser (have to give a name check here to Martin at Arena in Lower Marsh - 10% discount to all CA employees...) has cut my hair in a way that will be extremely suitable for a long hospital stay (ie: short) and sent me on my way with lots of freebie conditioners.

The five star hotel where I was recently woken at 4am by a fire alarm has offered Ian and myself a discounted stay when I am recovered, and House of Fraser - where I was due to have a personal shopping experience on the day I go into hospital have held it over till September when I'm going to get my first ever fitted dress - woo hoo!

I met my daughter last night next door to Molton Browne in Regent Street and instead of thinking "wish I could afford to treat myself" thought - "ah - they will be my toiletries of choice for the next two weeks at least..."

Last night I met up with a great guy who has already had this type of surgery. He was brutally honest about what lies ahead but also living proof that you can get through it. And yes - he did show me the scar and it is very neat ;-)

There lots more positive things to consider too - all the lovely messages, texts, emails, cards. Friends I'd lost touch with making contact.

Two of my friends are pregnant (you know who you are - hopefully!) and by the time their beautiful babies are born I will be back at work and this week so full of fear and trepidation will be a dim and distant memory.

And even as I write this Ian is bringing me my second cup of tea in bed this morning. (toast anyone?!)

Reasons to be cheerful indeed.

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