Sunday, 17 January 2010

I don't feel like dancing....

Well I do actually. Feel like dancing that is.

Last week we bid farewell to seven very dear colleagues from Christian Aid. Twenty one speeches, several cases of wine, a whole load of nibbles and some pretty spectacular cake. Oh - and dancing!

Since Thursday evening when I threw caution and decorum to the wind and threw myself around the dance floor to the sounds of Abba, Queen and the Killers I think it is fair to say I've been in agony. More wine helped - a bit. As did some painkillers - less than the wine I think - also hot baths, hot pads and hot wheat-filled things you pop in the microwave ;-)

But nothing takes the pain away completely. It is always there. Some days nagging, some days aching, some days burning. Some days clicking or cracking, feeling as if the spine is further rotating and nerves are being trapped as muscles are pulled.

Surgery may help. It may not. There are no guarantees - though being at least two inches taller is possibly the only thing we can be certain about. Hmm... shopping ;-)

I guess at the end of the day it's a gamble. Trading off the not inconsiderable risks of major spinal surgery against the pain today and the likelihood it is only going to get worse.

Seeing Mr Stewart Tucker on Wednesday. He's supposed to be good - god even - when it comes to scoliosis so I trust him and what he'll have to say. At the moment I'm thinking how devastating it will be if he says that surgery is too complicated or too dangerous - which kind of makes me think that perhaps I am thinking of surgery as my preferred option. Don't know.

But today at any rate - I actually don't feel like dancing x

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