Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hi there - it's great that so many of you have been reading and getting back to me - I feel much less alone on this journey already!

I know however (as several of you have told me!) that it can be problematic working out how to comment. So here's how it works...

You will need a google account in order to comment. It is very easy to set one up at https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount

Once you have done that you are all set to comment on any blog - not just mine! After reading the blog post you just click where it says comments - even if it says 0 comments - and it opens up a box where you write. You then choose google account as your profile and click post comment.

Go on - have a go here!

Linda x


  1. Sorry to hear you have tendonitis luvvie. I sympathise. I have suffered on and off with tendonitis in my feet for years. Anti-inflammatories are the only thing that ever gets rid of it for me, but Ibuprofen is a good call as it contains anti-inflammatories as well as pain killers. Shout if there's anything you need hon. Txx

  2. Aha! Googled and logged in and it worked!!!

    Ibuprofen gel to rub on does it for me. I have had a tendonitis flare-up since September last, in my arms and hands mainly, but as I use a wheelchair it's been a bit of a problem. Warm wheat bags on the tender bits I find also helps, but if you can stand it then cold packs help too. I can't stand it - I'm nesh!!!

    Really hoping that the wondeful peace (that passes all understanding) stays will you during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  3. Just a quick mention: My surgeon said no Ibuprofen for 2 weeks prior to surgery. So might be worth a check first Linda. It's odd because he offered me Ibuprofen in hospital, then told me it was a no-no for six months post-op. So I'm confused! But thought it worth a mention just in case. Hope the pain is diminishing anyway.