Friday, 22 January 2010

Woo hoo and welcome

What can I say? Tim, Beth - so lovely to see you here and thank you for your comments!

Thank you also to others who have taken the time to read my emails, click through to this blog, speak to me, reply, post or pray...

Today was weird. I got up, dressed, did all the usual stuff and headed off to a consortium managers' meeting in Farringdon. Somewhere along the Euston Road things started to hit me- what am I doing? I have major spinal surgery in two weeks, surely this is something to be processed and prepared for? But no here I am - business as usual.

Lunchtime was a tipping point - tears in a teacup but it hurt and thought I would have to concede the day. Big thanks to my dear colleague who helped me recover my composure on the Victoria line and a good meeting at DFID. Then drinks with my management colleagues before headng south to Streatham for a comedy night at the new and rather wonderful Hideaway Club - will blog about it later.

Nightmare journey home made more pleasant by chatting to Rachel oh so far away. Now in bed and wondering if getting up in the morning is even the vaguest possibility?? SO much to do, so much to think, so much to say - as I so often do say - laters..... x


  1. Wow just two weeks, no turning back (excuse the pun). No seriously having made the decision to go for surgery it is really good that you can have it done so soon. Must be incredibly dauting for you. Sending you lots of postive energy. Take care Linda

  2. Thanks Julie - lovely to see you on here! x