Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Full Frontal....

Hehe - sorry for the cheeky subject line but here we have the x ray that I have certainly been waiting for - isn't it amazing?!

As my friend Pete said - aren't you just in awe of a guy who is willing to attempt such surgery - I literally put my life in the hands of him and his wonderful anaesthetist - if you are reading this (who knows?!) then thank you SO much!

So - home and snuggled up in bed. Right lower back is exceptionally sore but guess we've done a fair bit today. The ride home was pretty interesting - though to be fair I spent most of it dozing after a dose of morphine and diazepam. Ian brought the car up to the door, reclined the seat which was lined with pillows, and covered me with a snuggly fleece. Dave sat in the bac and held my hand all the way home.

It was straight up to bed - and the new memory foam mattress - bliss! Then so lovely to see Pauline and Angela for a catch up (sorry girls I rather dominated the conversation!) Lovely to have my mum and Paul around too and Dave made the most amazing stack of pancakes after which I fell back into bed with Robbie - well the Brit Awards!

In spite of maximum doses of all drugs (don't get me started on the hassle it was to get hold of them all today either!) I'm in a lot of pain. Hoping and praying for a good nights sleep and fresh outlook tomorrow - we shall see!

For now I'm going to enjoy being snuggled here with Ian, Dave, Keegan and the Teddies (Keegan has taken a real shine to the Grey one!) so night night all xxx

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  1. Glad to hear you're safely home Linda. Hx