Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Saying goodbye

I've just realised the blog title sounds a bit morbid - especially as this is a quick post to thank everyone who came to my "pre-surgery drinks" last night.

It was amazing to see so many friends, family and colleagues - old and new. And on a school night too! Thank you for all the lovely things you said to me, for the many pints of water (still, sparkling, with ice....) that you bought me and above all thank you for reminding me what an amazing bunch of people I have in my life. Everyone who was introduced to someone new (it was a real "when worlds collide" evening!) commented afterwards on how lovely their new acquaintance was. Proof indeed that I have very good taste and high standards when it comes to friends!

It was surreal to stand in my "local" enjoying the evening and to realise it will be a long time before another evening like that one. It goes without saying of course that I hope it won't be too long - and all being well mine will be a large glass of red on that occasion!

Have to go now as a few last minute bits to do then off to the hotel - sorry - hospital. Helps me to think of it as a little mini-break ;-)

Laters people - and thank you for being on the journey. x

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