Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not so good....

As many of you have so kindly observed the intention has been to keep this blog as light as possible in the circumstances. A touch of humour here, a diverting tale about the antics of the Teddy Bears (expect more of those maybe...) there. An interesting photo, a fascinating thought...

I have resisted the temptation to scream anything along the lines of "I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here". Mainly because I am not of course a Celebrity, neither am I in the Australian Outback, so the chances of two Geordie Lads running to my rescue are pretty remote. Having said that of course I am married to one Magpie fan and gave birth to a couple of others - but even if they were Ant and Dec I'm not sure there is much they could do tonight.

The situation as it stands is I am choc-full of all prescribed drugs. Slow - release morphine (which I also topped up at 3am), Dyhydrocodeine, Paracetomal and Diazepam, I've a heat pad where it hurts most and Classical Music flooding my ears and soul (there's nothing like Debussy to lower the blood pressure - not that it has ever been high!)

The pain remains indescribable though to be fair since I started writing this the 6am doses have kicked in, I've spoken to Rachel, and Ian fetched me a cup of tea.

The pain has to have been caused by the journey yesterday. By the stress of the morning and how we would get hold of the drugs. By the change of bed - no more flying carpet. By a whole number of things which are over now so it has to be onwards and upwards yet again...

I've made use of some of these bonus awake hours to shop online for a wedge to sit against - think it will be more comfy than this V pillow to be honest. Whilst there I picked up a clever looking over bed tray that tilts up to make reading easier. It almost looks like an easel - perhaps I should take up painting (no no no! only joking - how would I ever compare with Ian?!)

I also spent a fascinating fifteen minutes comparing the relative merits of an assortment of pill organisers and decided on this fashionable accessory (I do think Mulberry are missing an opportunity here though...)

With around 24 tablets to take up to 7 times a day this looks set to minimise the chances of either an accidental overdose or - perhaps worse (!) that awful struggle to remember what you last took when and the reluctant decision to wait a while as you are not sure if any more could have tragic consequences.

So that's tonight - pretty grim really. Of course it is lovely to be in my own bed in my own home with Ian next to me, mum upstairs and Dave in the next room. But please forgive me if I am grumpy tomorrow - have only had a very few hours respite when I dozed after the Oramorph.

If I were in hospital I would now switch on Breakfast TV so that is the next hurdle to negotiate - will blog more about it later perhaps. For now though - Have a nice day xxx


  1. there's nothing easy to say... but still reading, still praying, still 'with you' P

  2. Hope your day got better Linda, praying for a good nights sleep tonight x

  3. Hope things improve for you soon Linda. I'm still reading and appreciating your posts. Fingers crossed for a restful night and that tomorrow is a little better. Take it easy! xx K

  4. I guess ups and downs are inevitable, but hopefully over all you're heading in an upward direction and with your positive thinking and everyone's love and prayers I'm sure things will improve. Hope you have a good night's rest. Hx