Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Rods and Screws

Wow! I don't know about you but that is all I can say when I look at this image! From now on this is my spine. Look out airport security staff - the Bionic Woman is on her way!

I apologise for the misunderstanding - I know that some of you thought that the various rods and screws holding my spine in place until the vertebrae are fused would form an outward brace or "scaffolding."

What has actually happened is this - the rib which was removed has been used as a bone graft fusing vertebrae T4 - L3 (not as originally planned T2 - woo hoo!). Whilst this fusion takes place - over the next 6 months - the rods and screws hold everything in place - but inside my body! The brace is also a pleasant surprise being much lighter than expected.

It is very unlikely that the scaffolding will be removed - that would involve another lengthy operation and anaesthetic. Obviously I asked how much the rods and screws weigh so that I can make allowances when stepping on the scales (!) but I was told not to worry - the extra inches make up for that!

So for the foreseeable future this is me - what fantastic posture huh?!

More to follow xx


  1. Looking great, Linda, I wish you all the best. I'll be "following" your progress here...
    another Linda with scoliosis in PA

  2. Wow wow wow! How incredible! Truly miraculous surgery. So pleased you have been able to go home xXx

  3. gordon bennett!!!! that's amazing.... scary... fantastic... no wonder you're in so much pain. What I am also blown away by is the confidence of any surgeon who even begins to do this amount of surgery. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm finding it quite moving following this journey... I can't resist commenting, though, that I never expected to be able to see through Linda Anderson!!!

  4. Now I understand much better! Amaaazzzing stuff ....puts my painful (well it seemed it to me!) prolapsed discs to shame ...see you next week hopefully laden with DVDs..xx