Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Time to go home

Do you remember when you couldn't sleep the night before Christmas? The excitement, anticipation, looking forward to getting dressed nicely, seeing people, eating favourite foods...

I't been like that - I haven't been able to sleep. I wrote the wee story last night, spoke to Rachie in Australia, have drunk tea, eaten biscuits, read my book, blogged, listened to music blah blah blah but nothing will make the time go quicker. At 5.30am I gave up and asked for more drugs and more tea and I've switched the tv back on.

Maybe it is a good thing- it would be advisable to sleep later on in the car home as the journey is likely to be uncomfortable. In fact they may arrange some Diazepam for around then. There was a fair bit of stress yesterday about my homecoming medication as Private Scripts are notoriously expensive so we need to get NHS ones written up. Sadly my own GP is on leave but it is being sorted - after which the hurdle is finding a pharmacy that can get hold of the controlled drugs quickly - it is possible there may be a window between 4pm and 8pm when you may wish to stay away from the house. I heard my very own daughter tell the doctors'surgery in no uncertain terms what my pain is like and how you would not want to be in the same room as me if it is not controlled. Failing that of course I could crack open the rioja.... :-)

Thankfully the morning meds are kicking in now. Eyes are heavy brain is foggy. Will go back to sleep leaving you with just a couple of images of my last night in what's become a cosy little substitute for home. At the end of the day though it isn't about your surroundings - no matter how desperate I am for my own bed! It's your family and friends so thank you guys for making home so homely... xxx

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  1. Hola Linda

    I have been thinking of you, I have posted about you on the /howtolookgoodtwisted group and I am wishing you well for a good recovery. Take care and keep in touch with us x