Monday, 1 February 2010

Thank you for the pressies!

Yesterday afternoon lots of our friends came to tea. I'd asked them all to bring sandwiches, scones and cakes - not feeling particularly like a Domestic Goddess this week. But I had neither asked for nor expected the amazing selection of gorgeous pressies!

Thank you all SO much - you know who you are! I'm wary of missing anyone out but for the sake of anyone reading this who knows someone about to undergo similar surgery here are a few ideas as to the perfect pressie!

Huge fluffy white bath towels - just for me and my use only! A Healing Angel, a Teddy Bear and a teeny tiny good luck charm Teddy Bear from a very special little man ;-) Chocolates (really lovely posh ones), whisky, salt and coal for good luck, cosy socks, very luxurious creams and potions (!), nightshirts and knickers! Not to mention a spa day to look forward to when it is all over - can't wait. Oh - a special mention too for the dry shampoo cap - looking forward to having fun with that! Flowers, cards, I hope I haven't missed anyone out - I will go and have another look through the bags when I get home to make sure. Thank you all SO much.

Something I have noticed this last week - along with the fact I keep bursting into tears, suddenly notice my heart beating at twice its normal rate, cannot sleep and all those other things I keep bleating on about, is that I am majorly stressed about minor things. It's as if my brain cannot cope with the enormity of what lies ahead so has decided instead to focus on things it has half a chance of processing. So this morning's priority was getting a retainer on my teeth, I'm stressing 'cos I haven't finished making all the lists I need to, and losing a few numbers from my mobile phone almost sent me over the edge last night. Chill, relax, think positive - yep, I agree - but how?

I spoke to someone with similar issues to mine this morning - considering surgery next year. I so wanted to offer reassurance and comfort but that's just not possible at the moment - I am writing this on the train to work with heart pounding and hands shaking. May have to stop blogging for a bit as it's become rather repetitive - will try and think of something more interesting to say next time.


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  1. Hi Linda
    Just to say I'm thinking of you this week. I'm adjusting to not going to work... but that's a whole lot easier than what you are facing. Love and hugs