Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Update from Dave

Hi Everyone!

Mum knows-because you have told her- that many of you are kindly reading here each day. She didn't want to disappoint you so here I am instead!

Mum is really happy to be home, and we are really pleased to have her here! But the adjustment from hospital to home life is always tricky. Mum no longer has the magic carpet bed with buttons to push when she's a bit uncomfy. It takes a while to adapt to new surroundings and work out where to put everything so it's within easy reach. It also takes some organising working out when to to take the 27 tablets every day.

Mum really does love getting your messages, she's looking forward to seeing you all, but please bear with us as there's a long way to go and she gets really tired very quickly.

One of us will write some more tomorrow.

Thank you all again.

The Anderson Family xxx


  1. Hello Linda... I've been up in Edinburgh with my sister for a few days, but I've been following the blog and just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you as you cope with the pain; you've done so well! Thanks for the updates and the pictures and good luck for the next phase...
    with love

  2. Well done Dave. Bet its good to have your Mum home again. Glad she's home and hope she finds the best way to get herself comfortable as soon as she can. Mark