Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Update from Paul

So it's Wednesday afternoon and I am currently sat next too mum in the extremely lavish hotel, sorry, hospital, that is The Wellington South in North London.

This is my first visit, post operation, and a few observations have struck me after spending a mere ten minutes in the room with mum so far.
First of all, how nice this room really is! Spacious. Warm. Flat screen television opposite the bed. En-suite bathroom, wow, and above all, a view overlooking the home of cricket, the nursery end at Lords! Wow!
Hello! Doctor! MY back hurts! lol.

I also noticed that, thankfully, mum is now back with us after a couple of days in the wilderness, dancing with the morphine fairies around regents park! Phone calls and text messages in the last week have been confusing to say the least.

When I entered the room, mum was with the occupational therapist, she was sat up slightly and talking, and instantly recognised who I was. Good start.
He then left, and we started talking about 'the week that was'. It became clear mum is still in alot of pain, understandably, and that confined to a bed can be uncomfortable, and some what lonely. But she soon perked up as we discussed all the messages and good wishes left on her Facebook page. She really does appreciate these!
And this led us nicely on to her blog, which is where we are now, and so she will now dictate as I type. Here are her thoughts and thankyou's to all her friends!

Hi everyone, the last week has gone in very much a blur, I stopped trying to reply too texts when I realised they were not making a lot of sense at all, or I sent the same message twice. And several people even received blank texts.
Thinking of you all, and looking forward to seeing you all! But I can now understand what they meant when they said 'you wont want visiters'.
Dr Kofi (my lovely anaesthetist) described me as 'another one that got away'. By this, he meant I did not have surgery as a teenager. And the scoliosis has worsened over 40 years, with the help of having 4 babies, but surgery was now possible and necessary. Nowadays teenagers with scoliosis would be operated on routinely, and I have heard how quickly they can 'bounce back'.
I am very fortunate to a have found in Mr Tucker, a surgeon willing to take me on. And I am very grateful that our medical insurance has made it possible to be treated so quickly, and in such luxury! (if I fancied eating, I would have put on a stone!)
Bit dissapointed though, it looks like I have only gained 1 and a half inches. But boy do I have some scars to show for it.
I really do appreciate all the messages, texts and cards, can't tell you how much they mean to me!
That is all for now. Love to

So there we go, a little update from mum. Hope this helps paint a picture. It is a long road mum has started walking down, but it will be a lot easier with all her friends and family with her along that road!

Many thanks from all the Andersons, and from this blog in particular, me, Paul.
Speak to you soon.x


  1. Only 1.5 inches taller - you're still a short@rse then ;-) Half a lifetime ago I spent 6 weeks flat on a hospital bed following a serious back injury - I understand a bit about the loneliness you'll feel. You are one amazing lady and you'll press on thru this. You're in thoughts and prayers several times each day and I'm looking forward to seeing the taller Linda in due course. Bless ya x

  2. Checking this regularly. Glad things seem to have gone ok. Fingers crossed that this continues to be the case


  3. Glad to hear things are going well. Hoping and praying for a good recovery and a lessening of the pain.


    (ps what a luxury to have some to do your typing for you for a change!)

  4. Hiya Linda! Great to hear the hospital and staff care is so lovely. Sending you lots of hugs and as speedy recovery as possible :) xxxx

  5. Good to hear your hotel is looking after you so well. And one and a hlaf inches - well that is pretty impressive! And anyway, who says that size matters :-)

    Hang in there, and do as your told - well as much as is possible. WIll continue to pray for a speedy recovery, and a lessening of the pain.

    Loads of love Jx

  6. Hi Linda,
    Glad to hear you're a bit more yourself again -hope the painkillers continue doing their job and you make good progress with the occupational therapist. Sure you'll be up to sampling the hotel's gastronomous delights in no time. S x