Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pain, pain, go away...

Have been in a massive amount of pain today and almost let it get to me. Anyone in Beechcroft - if you do spot a day when the curtains remain closed all day please do come and knock and demand to know why I am not dressed - not to mention wearing lip gloss and mascara. Those will be the first signs that I have succumbed...

Was awake very early with dreadful "tummy troubles"and by the time Dave came in to eat his breakfast with me before he set off for school I was hallucinating in a mildly entertaining fashion....

Mum "I'm really worried about today Dave...."

Dave "Why's that then mum?"

Mum "Today's the day I have to have my operation...."

Bless Dave he reassured me it was in fact all over and full marks for not responding that yes, it was likely to be a slightly painful day...

Just Judith and Keith in the house today - Ian's sister and her hubby. Must publically thank them for giving up a week of their time to come and stay. They have worked so hard shopping cooking and cleaning. Judith admits to never having done so much laundry in her life! Thank you both and safe travels back to Newcastle tomorrow.

Judith was also a sympathetic ear whilst I wept a little and Keith did the drugs run, after which I forced myself into the shower - will blog more on that tomorrow! Then a very brief but pleasant visit from a young lady studying to be a doctor who had both a personal and professional interest in scoliosis.

The sun was shining and it was now or never so I pulled on the Skechers and made it to Number Nine for a cup of tea. Lovely to see the lovely Lara of course but by the time Dave came to collect me 15 minutes later, and by the time I had walked home the pain was again beyond belief. Morphine, hot water bottle, sleep....

Managed to eat some dinner courtesy of M and S but long for the day when something tastes tasty. I'd like a glass of wine too - just a sip to go nicely with a meal. Have no desire ever to drink too much again - after all of this I have this crazy "why inflict pain upon yourself?" question in my head. That may well change -let's see!

Went to sleep nice and early after max dose of all pills so can't take anything for the pain now. Some oromorph in an hour or two but that is the one I am supposed to wean myself off of. For now I am halving the dose - perhaps a wee top up? Was so much easier in hospital when the nurses made these decisions for me!

Quick postscript re the little black dress - have decided I want it but M and S will not accept my vouchers for an online purchase - how annoying is that? I may write and complain considering my job used to be to respond to that type of letter!

Off to try and sleep again - thanks for reading. I know I keep asking for comments but seriously I do enjoy them so tell me what you're thinking - or just what you are up to!

Lots of love

Linda xxx


  1. Hi Linda,
    I couldn't read your blog and then not leave a comment. I am sure most of us just aren't as good as you at writing publicly, even a little afraid maybe! Be assured though that everyone is reading your blog (even some of my friends are too). Anyway, I will try to leave a comment and perhaps everyone else who is following your blog will do the same!! I had a day visiting my friend who has two small children; one four months and the other 2 years old. Phew, I'd forgotten how hard work little ones can be. Even a visit to indoor play didn't wear them out! The sun was shining here today once the rain had stopped, so lets pray for better weather as that will help your recovery. Keep smiling Linda, take each day at a time. Thinking of you. Kaz xx

  2. Hey Karen - thank you SO much! I've had a very tearful day today in spite of a lovely visitor but logging on and reading this has cheered me up so much.

    It reminded me actually of a few years ago when a friend of mind first started to blog and asked me to comment - I felt just the same about writing publically. I think you have to somehow block that out and just reply to the "blogger". I also used to worry that I needed to say something earth-shatteringly profound and I guess I was paralysed by procrastination!

    But actually your comment is just perfect and has made me smile as I remember how exhausting young children are - where do they get their energy? I sure could do with a bit of it now!

    Here's hoping others will be less shy now - I will try to blog something SO controversial that people cannot stop themselves responding!!

    Much love

    Linda xxx