Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Just another day

I think I said something like this in the really early days of setting up the blog, but I'm reluctant to blog for the sake of it. If nothing much happens there seems little point in recording the mundane just so there is a daily entry. Equally some things are a given and I have chosen not to record them in detail - I think we have established by now that all the wires bleeps and monitors are gone even if beforehand we may have seen these milestones as worthy of a party! (Yes - I had had this vague idea of blogging "hallelujah - the catheter is gone.....")

I still subscribe to this attitude - and hopefully it contributes to the "Glass Half Full" atmosphere which I'd like this blog to have.

However - there are some things which are very small and seem barely worth a mention which actually make a difference and raise a smile so here are a few as I try to cheer myself up in the wee small hours waiting and hoping for sleep to once again desend....

I have managed to write three thank you letters! Around 333 to go but it is a start!... Technology is ******* amazing - that I can call Rachie on her mobile for pennies thanks to "Skype to Go" is something to be very grateful for. Webcams make it oh so much easier too - can actually see Rachie from the comfort of my own bed! ... I finally fancied something (NOT Daniel Craig...) - these biscuits - anyone else remember/like them?

I am quite a lot taller, I do have a waistline, my BMI should be very good (need to check that!) I very much doubt I will ever be scared of pain such as injections again. I shall resume blood donation with gusto and enthusiasm having been the grateful recipient of a unit myself... I have seen the first ever Sex and the City and have the entire series to go on DVD... I'm used to and enjoying short hair... and not stressing about makeup (though mascara and lip gloss are a given...)

I have a fantastic family - a husband who insists on sleeping in here even though the noise of me typing, turning pages, making tea and generally moaning - in my sleep or whenever I move -must surely make him tempted to head for a spare room! A great mum - who gave up her own bed for a week and moved in to generally help out and ended up endlessly changing beds, washing sheets and peeling fruit! Children of whom I am enormously proud - Rachie for thoughtfulness in sending such a fun parcel, Paul for dropping by, making meals, and always being able to update me with the football scores! Sarah who's been an absolute superstar - sourcing suitable clothes and footwear, getting some housework done but most of all just sitting in the room listening when I have needed to talk and shutting me up when it's just the drugs speaking (NO - Rachel and Ceri are not flat sharing with a nice new young man... are you ladies?!)

And of course David who knows just the right time to pop in and sit. I'd say he's the best hand holder but don't want to upset the others or embarrass him - so let's leave it that he's an expert on obscure US TV programmes which can generally make me smile :-)

And then there is Jemma - without whom I would not have my toenails painted in Chanel's latest colour!! And who has almost managed to make sense of the missing eyebrow.

I could go on, there are more of you and you know who you are. As with any thank you speech the danger of overlooking someone is so great it almost stops you saying anything. There will be more I am sure...

On that note of gratitude I will leave things for now - have been awake about 90 minutes which is the usual time it takes for tiredness and oromorph to combine and ensure I get another few hours, That's something else to be grateful for - the sense of rhythm and pattern which is starting to form... the comfiness of the memory foam mattress and wedge... the softness of my new towels.... enough!

Night might (originally a typo but kind of sums up the hope that sleep is an option...)


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