Monday, 15 February 2010

A Teddy's Tale

Once upon a time there was a lovely little Teddy Bear who had been loved and looked after by the Children's Society. He lived with lots of other Teddy Bears in a big house owned by the Children's Society. Somewhere near Kings Cross - do all famous Teddy Bears live near railway stations? All of the Teddy Bears were very similar, identical even, and they wore the Purple t shirt that was their uniform. He was very happy and contented.

Then one day he was grabbed from the comfort of his home, carried in the dark and the noise of the underground to a place called St John's Wood, and handed over to a strange lady that he'd never seen before. She gave him a cuddle, and immediately sat him on her bed and introduced him to what she said were her other Teddy Bears. But one of them was pink for goodness sake! One had a bit heart round his neck and another looked a bit grey and tatty as if he had really been through the wars. One of them was so teeny tiny he can hardly be seen in the photo here - but if you look very carefully you can spot him as he has a bandage round his foot. He'd been in hospital before too - where he had looked after a very special little boy. But that little boy was so kind he had sent him to this hospital to look after the lady that had welcomed him with a cuddle.

He could tell he was going to be happy here - the room was bright and light and the bed comfy. But most important of all the lady had other people there all of whom were smiling and laughing and so very pleased to see him. Even if the other Teddy Bears looked very different he could tell that they belonged to one another.

One of the people in the room picked up a camera. She lined the Teddy Bears up and took the photo of them all together. Then she took lots of other photos of the room as she said that tomorrow everyone would be going "home".

Teddy knew this wasn't going to be back to where he had come from and he did feel a little bit sad. But not too sad. He could see already that what mattered wasn't the place you lived - however big and grand. It was the people that you shared your life with. And this may be a mixed bunch of Teddy Bears but he just knew that even though they had only just met they were going to be good friends.

He whispered to the teeny tiny Teddy Bear "hello - will you be my friend? I've not been here before. The teeny tiny Teddy Bear gave him a little hug - he could just about reach around his ankle - and said "of course! I know how you feel - but I'll tell you a secret - when we get "home" I will take you to see a very special Little Man and we can play with him too....""

for Callum, with love xx


  1. Awwww - this is gorgeous! I'm going to print it off for him to keep. xxxx

  2. This is so sweet! Aww....what a lovely story! Definitely one to keep & i expect a sequel! :P xxx