Saturday, 27 February 2010

Not a long one...

Hi - don't think this will be a very long blog. I've noticed how often I say "I will blog about that tomorrow" then don't get around to it - maybe at some point I'll catch up!

Today really is about checking in and reminding myself as well as everyone else that they said there would be bad days as well as good ones. It was lovely to see my dear friend Aled so today cannot have been all bad but to be honest he saw quite a lot of tears so I am not going to try and be brave or put a humorous spin on things. The pain is awful, I am very miserable, and tomorrow can only be better.

Night night xxx


  1. Thinking of you. See you again soon. Much love xxx

  2. Wish there was more we could do. I hope today is a better day. Thoughts, prayers and gentle hugs xXx

  3. Hi Linda
    I have been reading your blog every day and I thought it was about time I made a comment. I hope that is ok as we don't know each other....I am visiting here from the SSO site. When you have a bad day I am tempted not to read on because quite frankly I am terrified about my surgery which will be sometime this year (Mr Tucker for me too) but I make myself....forewarned is forearmed! My partner has bought me a netbook after I told him how vital it has been for you to keep in touch with the outside world :)

    I just wanted to say fingers crossed today is a better day for you and you are very much in my thoughts, lynn xXx

  4. and how could I forget to say that your back looks fantastic! It will be worth all the pain in the end x

  5. Thanks Kim and Kerry and Hello Lynn! You are most welcome - I would have liked something like this to prepare me for my surgery which as I think you know is why I started this up. Like Topsy it has grown and grown! Delighted to hear that Mr Tucker will be looking after you too - that guy deserves a knighthood! And also pleased and amused that you have a netbook - several people have told me the same (I think I should be getting commission!)

    About to try and think of something to write today now xxx

  6. Thinking of/praying for you ......xx