Friday, 26 February 2010

In the middle of the night

That was a pretty depressing post earlier - sorry - was in a massive amount of pain :-(

Since then I have just laid on my back under the influence of every drug and a series of hot water bottles. Surprisingly relaxing and twenty minutes ago Ian noticed I was awake so made me a nice cup of tea.

I just remembered I was going to post a couple of top tips for anyone considering surgery - the first in response to an email this morning (I promise to get back to you soon Sarah!) so I logged on and actually rather enjoyed the latest M and S Ezine. I am thinking of buying a dress - something very challenging if you have scoliosis and one of the reasons why historically I have worn separates. I wanted to show it to you but M and S are obviously very clever when it comes to protecting the copyright on their photos etc... this link may have to do - sorry.

Anyway back to the reason for writing. My friend is going to have similar surgery to me in a few weeks time and has been promised a netbook to keep her company. I cannot say loudly or clearly enough that this is the way to go. I have a teensy little Asus Eeepc, it is very light (vital), it runs Windows (vital for someone like me - some of these little machines run Linux - que?!) and it has masses of disc space for photos, music etc.

It connects wirelessly - only real downside is no cd/dvd drive but I have one that I plug in on the very rare occasions I need it (thinking may watch some of my boxed sets on here so will be useful then)

Mine was £200 or thereabouts from Laptops Direct - if you can find the money then go for it - you will not regret it. A regular laptop may be too heavy and this is truly my lifeline to the world. (especially since the k is fixed!)

I then remembered another top tip for anyone considering surgery. Start saving small bottles of toiletries and products. Boots do them but they are quite pricey. I used to travel a lot for my work and collected quite an assortment in various hotels (though Travel Lodge of course pride themselves on not offering them!) I used to bemoan the fact that these bottles were so environmentally damaging and guess I do still feel that way - but as they exist and I have some I am making use of them and grateful for them.

The reason being I buy enormous bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc all of which are now too heavy to manage in the shower! I am scared enough of slipping as it is, these tiny bottles just make life so much easier. Where I don't have a product - and indeed when these have run out - then I've found that squeezing the amount I need into a shotglass just before I take a shower makes things easier - and also finds a use for a product which might otherwise be redundant... :-)

Well that's the top tips for the day. Gone 2 now so time to lie down again (theoretical maximum 30/40 minutes sitting up). Oh - not sure if I blogged about my GP's visit? Will do so in the morning.

Hope you are dreaming sweet ones



  1. Think you deserve a new dress Linda, the new People Tree catalogue also has some lovely ones! Hoping for better sleep soon, love Abi x

  2. Great dress Linda, and will enhance your amazing figure! Go for it!xxx