Sunday, 21 February 2010

Three Weeks Ago

Hi everyone

I just found myself thinking that three weeks ago today many of you were here at my house for Sunday Tea!

It was lovely to see you, even if it did end in tears somewhat with me feeling totally overwhelmed and absolutely terrified. There comes a point - when you have told a few hundred people perhaps - when backing down and saying that you have changed your mind about the surgery becomes something less of an option.

I remember something similar 22 years ago today. I'd been in labour with Rachel since sometime during church on Sunday 21st February. Our Assistant Pastor and very good friend Robert Green, along with his wife Heather and family, were leaving to go to another church and tea to say "farewell" was that very afternoon.

My midwife - the wonderful Alison Bannister - was also away doing something with cubs or scouts so all things considered we just needed to wait.

I did.

I'm not sure how but we got through the tea party, (contractions coming at ten minute intervals during the speeches - quite a distraction ;-) ), slept that night, and I was able to call Alison in the morning and let her know that today was the big day.

This blog is about my spinal surgery and not the birth of my third child so I won't go into any more detail than this for now. Suffice it to say we had a houseful of friends and visitors (home deliveries being something of a novelty in those days...and as the day wore on the more tired and emotional I became.

So I asked if I could change my mind. Not permanently of course. Just whether I could stop, have a break, get some sleep and maybe reconsider...

Rapid fast forward 22 years and I had the same VERY cold feet. So as my friends and family were winding down and chilling out with a glass or three of something from the Southern Hemisphere I was drinking tea, sobbing, and wondering why on earth I would consider undertaking such major surgery - not without its obvious riska.

We've answered those questions since then but many of you may have left the party before this point so perhaps good for me to point out I am no where near as brave as some of you seem to have thought I am - sorry :-(

I'll finish with a few pictures from that party and maybe tomorrow say a little bit more about where we are at today. Missing my mum and Ian's sister and her husband have arrived from Geordie-Land - all change :-)

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